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Look at what this lifetime Campbell soup consumer found in a can of tomato soup. After adding milk, stirring on med heat with a whisk.

Poured daughters, went to pour his, and found this little wonder (plastic ring) that ruined a life long trust. Just a couple questions: Where's the finger? No, serious,...where is it? Now what do I do with the 11 other cans in the box?

Raffle off on ebay? Nice job Campbell's, Sam's club subgrade. Where's  the control's? Action plan?

Have any mesh filters? Or did it happen in the canning? Talked with customer service. They sent me $6 worth of soup coupons and a bag to send the ring and can back.

That's like finding a roach in your meal at a restaurant and getting $6 off my next purchase at that restaurant!! What part of "you have totally grossed me out with your product" and "I will NEVER trust/purchase from you again for my family".

GET CONTROL OF YOUR PROCESS & CANNERS!!!! Drop Mike, walk off stage

Product or Service Mentioned: Campbells Soup Creamy Tomato Soup.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

I liked: Used to like dependable food quality.

I didn't like: Will no longer use products.

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You are over reacting to this - please - smh.


They send replacement coupon but don't send a package label to send the product back. Kept calling but it was a waste of my time & rising blood pressure!

They don't care but enough of disgruntled customers stop buying from "lack of faith" in a company that used to care stop buying then they may wake up!

How would they try & get satisfaction & gain trust back from a company that does not care? Think about it Campbell soup company!

Naples, Florida, United States #1332831

I call BS on this one. If you had found a bug (tomatoes grown on vines out of the ground), a stem, a rock, a stick or any of the other things you might expect from a vegetable product, I might buy it.

But a plastic kids ring, when there are no children that work at the plant, no children's products produced at the food plant, and no way for a kid's toy to be mixed into the machine. One of your kids is pranking you, or you did it yourself.

to LadyScot New York, New York, United States #1334088

There you go again Louise, you think you know everything. As your husband of 32 years, I have had enough of your ranting and frigidity. My attorney will be serving you divorce papers soon.

to Man Scot Naples, Florida, United States #1336471

Haven't been married 32 years and my husband's name is not Man.

to LadyScot New York, New York, United States #1336869

Louise,really? Of course my name is not Man, and yours is not Lady(believe me she is no lady).

How would I know your real name if I was not someone close to you.

Please take your meds and continue your therapy. I will alwys love you, but you need to start loving yourself.

to Man Scot Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1337385

Why are you telling us about your marital issues? Did you and Louise try marriage counselling ?

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #1337776

Why all the fuss about this Louise person?

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1339354

This is supposed to be about defective canned soup. Louise or whatever her name is needs to keep her personal issues out of here.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1326394

Call the toll free number on the can. They will want to identity that batch for quality control reasons.

They will also send you vouchers to get replacement product. You can still return the cans where you bought and ultimately come out on top.

Plymouth, Michigan, United States #1326388

You might as well stop using any food product that is produced in a factory and packaged because these things happen to every one of those products.

to Dale2017 Rochester, Michigan, United States #1337474

My vegetable garden is coming in nicely. I am making my own from scratch.

I just bought some chickens also. F the corporate sludge peddler's.

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