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What happened to Campbells Chicken and Stars Soup? It was my go to soup all winter long.

It used to have tiny star noodles now there are big star pasta in the soup. Gross! I called them and complained and they said they changed it because people were complaining that the noodles were clomping together. Really!!

I know buy off brands which I did not know were really not that bad. By By Campbells Soup. I hope you have to change the recipe back because no one buys the new soup with the big pasta.

The little pasta made me feel better when I was sick. The big pasta is to heavy.

Review about: Campbells Soup Chicken And Stars Soup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Change the noodles back to the little star noodles..

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They also changed the noodles to short and fat in the chicken noodle soup. I can't stand it.


back to the original stars!!!


They did go back to the original stars!!! I just bought some yesterday!


Just had tooth extracted, cannot chew, I want the ORIGINAL CHIVKEN AND STARS.


I heard the original chicken and star will be back in Feb 2018. Can somebody verify this ?

to Anonymous #1422365

Bought a cajn of Campbell's Chicken and Stars last week. To my surprise and delight, there were my tiny little stars!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1449773

yes they are back!!!


I agree that the change to Campbell's Chicken and star soup was a bad decision. Big gummy tough pasta stars instead if tender tiny pasta stars.

It was my go-to soup when wanting comfort food. Sure hope they go back.

I won't be buying it again the way it is.

Thanks for your review. Hope Campbell's gets the message and goes back.


This "Classic Recipe" chicken and stars needs to go the way of New Coke.

to John #1403313

I agree John. There's nothing "classic" about the new pasta, they should not have that word on the label unless it is the old classic recipe!!

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