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My wife found a 2 1/4 inch flat head nail in a home style Maryland -style crab soup.We are 66 years old and have never experienced any thing like this.

Maybe a small amount of iron from the nail wouldn't hurt. It was very disturbing that a nail that big could end up in your product. No taste of taintedness. I guess we are glad it was that big she might have swallowed it otherwise.

we did finish our bowl of soup(believe it or not). It was very good. The nail was bent too. Not straight at all.

If you recieve any more e-mails like this it would be wise to investigate your QA.dept.

Review about: Campbells Soup Soup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You weren't wise enough to call the 800# on the can?Only God knows what germs were on that nail and how long, months even years it was in there!

Sometimes workers and quality control supervisors know something fell in but they don't tell or the company doesn't throw a whole huge container away! They take a chance with a person like you not doing anything. Do you think Campbell's or other companies read these complaints? If they do they are glad you did 'nothing'.

I'd have contacted a attorney after having some of the soup tested & had a blood test.Wake up and protect yourself!

to Anonymous #1364833

Where to take samples for testing in the SF Bay Area?


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