We have used Campbells Mushroom Soup for 50 years. It seems like the size and amount of mushrooms pieces has diminished substantially. I took 1 can and heated it up with 2 cans of water in order to make it thin enough to run through a strainer. What a joke, I felt like...
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Campbells Soup - Dried out Mushroom Soup
I purchased some mushroom soup & when opened it was completely dried out. I am not happy with the purchase. I would like to get my money back however lost the receipt so am not able to return. Is it possible to get some coupons to replace the product. When I opened the...
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Campbells Soup - Where is the bacon

I used to love the bean and bacon soup. However today there was absolutely no Bacon to be found in my soup. Wtf is the false advertising for.
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Campbells Soup - Want vegan pea soup

Would you please make v egan pea soup without the ham
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i had a can of cream of mushroom soup today the first time in probably 7-8 years, i usually use it for cooking and i thought my cooking was off for sometime but couldn't nail it down until today never would would have i thought my soup had degraded to flour and water...
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So for years I have bought campbell's cream of mushroom soup put over pork chops, over baked chicken, and on its own. So hubby went to the store recently and bought this horrible mushroom soup changed by your company. It was terrible almost white hardly any mushrooms...
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I didn't like
  • New cream of mushroom soup
  • New cream of mushroom soup yuk
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Campbells Soup - Chicken and stars

Hated the big stars, thank you for bringing back small stars
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Campbells Soup - Blood vessel

Campbells Soup - Blood vessel
Big chunk of blood vessel in chicken piece.Campbells Chunky Grilled Sausage and Chicken Gumbo
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I used to love the chicken and gumbo and the chicken and rice soups, but Campbell's seems to be constantly cutting back and adding more water and less ingredients. What a shame. Only two very small pieces of chicken and very little rice and vegetables. No more value in...
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I agree.. this was my favorite and now it’s a bunch of watered down crap. I bought it by the case in the past and now I don’t even care for it. In the past it was thick and ta...

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Campbells Soup - Cambells chicken and stars original soup

The origional cambells chicken n stars isn't in the stores anymore. The only 1 they have now is the star shaped ones that are thick n look like they were done with a cookie cutter. I love the origional chicken n stars. So what happened to that one?
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