I just recently purchased and tried the Campbell's Homestyle tomato soup and found it to taste like highly sweetened ketchup. I was hoping for a more savory (adult) flavor than straight tomato and sugar flavor.

If you like a LOT of sugar then this is for you. I could not even finish a bowl of it. Like many of the reviewers here I do agree the soups used to be good but now are not.

Not much for any of the canned soups any more and don't understand why they all seem to taste like ***. But I am sure nothing will be done as this has been just person's opinion.

Review about: Campbells Soup Soup.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Take 95% of sugar out of the tomato soup and make them taste good..

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Campbell's tomato soups recipes are SO changed that none are recognizable as what we were used to for years! I grow my veggies & make my own now & it is non gmo organic and tastes so good & is healthy with no preservatives.

Tomatoes in cans are unhealthy to say the least! Campbell's did us disgruntled customers a favor by cutting costs and making unhealthy choices in their soups!

We woke up Campbell's and are either making our own or buying organic brands!!! A lot of us aren't sponsoring your pay checks & your stocks will continue to decline.

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1301167

They may have changed the recipe for their tomato soup. This happens.

The best thing to do is look on the label prior to purchasing and see how much sugar/carbs/and sodium is in it. Most canned soups are quite high in all three.

Best thing to do is just make your own soup. It's rather easy to do.

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